10 scariest street names in the UK

Latest update: 15 December, 2021

Rentola.co.uk has found the 10 scariest street names in the UK. Are the residents possibly living in greater fear than the rest of us?

We've reached the month of October, and before we know it, it's time again for the scariest event of the year, Halloween. On the occasion of the spookiest holiday of them all, Rentola.co.uk has collected the 10 most frightening street names in the UK. The street names are like taken directly from a horror movie, but they really do exist here on our isles.

Being in the field of rental housing, we come across many exciting street names. Both the classic, fun, different and occasionally, some that will get you goosebumps. This year we have collected 10 of the most frightening street names throughout the UK.

Do those who live on these streets experience weirder and scarier things than the rest of us? We do not know, but you will get the chills simply by taking a look at the list:

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