London's Best Boroughs to Live in 2023

What are the top 5 boroughs offering the finest living conditions in London? Uncover this and more in our latest study!

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What's the Focus of Today’s Study?

London, a city of vibrant contrasts, holds a wealth of experiences within its diverse boroughs. Imagine each of them as a different puzzle piece, contributing to the whole picture of this dynamic city. In this study, we're set to analyze and uncover the ups and downs of safety, affordability, housing, education, employment, and more in every London borough. From the comforting embrace of secure communities to the complexities of finding a home that fits both needs and budgets, we're here to unravel it all!

We Ranked Through the Following Categories
In our endeavor to offer an extensive examination of each borough from all angles, we've gathered the latest trustworthy data across seven categories: Quality of Life, Education, Employment and Income, Housing, Health, Safety and Crime, and Ecology.
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Good health is crucial, and it's not solely about counting the hospitals around. Every aspect holds weight – from finding a nearby pharmacy to swift medical assistance and the quality of your GP's care. Yet, there's more to it. We've also looked into the percentage of people facing health issues, taken into account those enjoying excellent health, and even delved into the rates and frequency of different respiratory illnesses. This index paints a picture of the healthiest boroughs and highlights areas where healthcare quality could improve.
quality_of_life icon Quality of Life
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housing icon Housing
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crime_&_safety icon Crime and Safety
ecology icon Ecology
Using the Latest Methodology

The data has been collected and processed from the Trust for London and the Office for National Statistics. The most recent data available for each source was used. The City of London area was excluded from the list as it doesn’t fall under the classification of London's boroughs.

To structure our dataset, we used the Min-max normalization technique, a method that helps us change each piece of information into a score between 1 and 10. Within this scale, a score of 1 signifies the lowest, while a score of 10 represents the highest performance within their respective categories. In simple words, if an area gets a higher score, it's doing better compared to others.

To make sure our results are accurate and fair, we focused on categories with enough data for a thorough study.

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5 Best Boroughs in London
Explore the top 5 boroughs that have been chosen as the best to live in 2023!
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5 Worst Boroughs in London
Curious about the boroughs chosen as the worst?
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Richmond upon Thames
Claiming the top position in our list is Richmond upon Thames, and it's well-deserved! This borough consistently received scores above 8 points in almost every category, highlighting its fantastic quality of life. With affordable housing, low crime rates, and an impressive life satisfaction score of 8.65 out of 10 from the Office for National Statistics, Richmond upon Thames rightfully secures its spot as the top choice for anyone seeking the best London borough to live in.
Securing the second position is Bromley, showcasing an impressive performance, especially in safety. Surpassing even the top-ranked borough, Bromley stands out for its secure roads and lower chances of robbery or assault compared to others. While education might need attention, if that's not your main focus, this borough could easily win your heart!
Sutton takes the third spot, thanks to its strong performance in the 'Employment and Income' and 'Crime and Safety' categories, with scores above 8 points. Distinguished by its fair pay and one of the lowest poverty rates, Sutton shines brightly. Safety is a highlight too, characterized by low crime rates and secure roads. This borough holds a strong appeal for career-focused people and those on the lookout for promising job opportunities, so if it sounds like your thing, Sutton is a smart pick!
Barnet is in fourth place, showcasing its strengths in Education and Security. With a significant number of individuals holding qualifications at 19, and a remarkable performance of children in schools, Barnet stands out educationally. Adding to its appeal is the low crime rate compared to other boroughs, making Barnet a wise choice for families looking for safety and quality education bundled together!
Kingston upon Thames
Wrapping up our list of the best London boroughs to live in is Kingston upon Thames. While it had the potential to clinch an even higher rank, possibly within the top three, its placement was impacted by concerns regarding medical care quality. Nevertheless, Kingston upon Thames stands tall in education, safety, and housing affordability. Local children benefit from quality education, housing costs remain among the lowest, and crime rates stay impressively low compared to other boroughs in London. A well-earned fifth spot, don't you agree?
Opening the list of the least favorable boroughs is Southwark. While not the worst in employment and housing affordability, it faces significant challenges in safety, education, street cleanliness, and resident satisfaction. With a low score of 3.90 out of 10 on the Office for National Statistics' resident happiness assessment, Southwark struggles to foster contentment among its residents. Our research also reveals concerning academic performance among children, elevated unemployment, dissatisfaction with local GPs, and the highest rate of viral illnesses among all London boroughs.
Now, Westminster. While you might have noticed the commendable quality of education here, you might wonder why it's near the bottom of our list. Unfortunately, the data we've gathered paints a concerning picture – Westminster stands out as the most unsafe borough in London. It grapples with the highest annual crime rate, largely consisting of violent incidents, alongside significant drug-related issues, unsafe roads, and a notable risk of mugging. Safety stands as a crucial consideration when deciding on a new place of residence. Regrettably, we can't recommend this borough for individuals seeking a family-friendly environment or those seeking a better life.
Tower Hamlets
How does Tower Hamlets stack up? This borough maintains a relatively average performance across various categories, though it avoids the bottom rung. However, its overall score takes a hit due to its poor performance in employment and environment categories, alongside prevailing safety issues. On closer examination, our collected data reveals concerning aspects. Tower Hamlets registers the highest levels of poverty, including child poverty, compared to other London boroughs – an alarming trend. Unemployment looms, with local residents voicing health concerns and facing an elevated risk of mugging. Trust for London reports Tower Hamlets as having the highest average net build rate for affordable, social, and benefit housing. Yet, the question lingers: is the trade-off worth it?
The landscape in Hackney is quite straightforward: it ranked below average in most areas, and safety and environmental issues held it back from a higher spot. High crime rates and the risk of robbery affected Hackney's overall score the most, preventing it from climbing higher than the second-to-last position in our rankings. Furthermore, as per the Office for National Statistics, air quality and street cleanliness fall among the lowest here. It's no surprise that local happiness scores tally at just 3.54 out of 10.
So how did Lambeth find itself at the bottom of our top? Happiness here ranks the lowest among all London boroughs, and public anxiety is alarmingly high – here's why. Firstly, armed attacks are the highest in Lambeth. Secondly, unemployment is a prevalent concern. Thirdly, mortality rates, both for children and adults, are among the highest. Furthermore, low rates of children's education and success in schools, coupled with poor air quality and street cleanliness, contribute to the borough's challenges. Perhaps all of this explains the lower housing prices; still, Lambeth has positioned itself as the least favorable borough for a content life.
Concluding Remarks: What Can We Sum Up?

Richmond upon Thames: A Haven for Happiness

Our research highlights Richmond upon Thames as the top borough for a happy life. Here, robust

health, plenty of job opportunities, reasonable incomes, strong academic performance among

children, and low crime rates create an environment conducive to happiness.

Lambeth: Facing Challenges and Choices

On the other end of the spectrum, Lambeth emerges as the borough with the most room for

improvement. Safety concerns, economic hardships, and ecology issues contribute to its challenging


Tailoring Your Choice for Happiness

Ultimately, the choice of a borough should align with your preferences. Our comprehensive table

presents a wealth of categories, allowing you to pinpoint the best borough for you based on your

priorities. Whether it's safety, education, affordability, or another factor, your ideal neighborhood

awaits your exploration.

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