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5 Reasons in Favour of Renting in Belfast

Looking to rent property in a beautiful, vibrant city? Belfast could just be your next home. Here are a couple of interesting introductory facts on the city to wet your appetite. 

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and is part of the United Kingdom. It is barely a two hour drive from Dublin city to the south in the Republic of Ireland which is a separate country. So if you choose to rent a house in Belfast you can still enjoy many work related or shopping day trips to Dublin.

If you’re an ocean lover, renting in Belfast gives you quick access to all things nautical. ‘Belfast’ is derived from ‘Beal Feirste’ meaning ‘Mouth of the Sand’. The coastal city with strong roots in the shipbuilding industry is famous for the renowned ocean liner Titanic. After all, they even made a movie about it!

Belfast boasts some of the lowest accommodation costs in the UK. There is a wide variety of property rentals in Belfast suitable for students, young professionals, families or retirees. What’s more, the city offers lots of opportunities to work, start a business or study. So whether it’s long-term or short-term rental you’re in the market for, you’ll be able to find the right property in this happening city.

The Belfast lifestyle means enjoying all the perks of city living but on a smaller scale. Renters will be able to access all big city amenities - excellent schools, sporting facilities, medical services and a variety of things to do - at affordable prices. 

For the discerning renter, Belfast could indeed be a smart choice. Let’s expand on that a little to help you decide whether renting a house in Belfast city is for you or not.

Cost of living and renting in Belfast

Housing prices both for buying and renting in Belfast are generally lower than the UK mainland. In fact, London is nearly 30 percent more expensive! Here’s a breakdown of a few area’s popular with people looking to rent in Belfast.

General living expenses outside of housing are also relatively low which makes the city very appealing for tech workers who have been priced out of Dublin or the UK. Explore Rentola.ie to find a rental home in Belfast to suit your taste and budget.

Belfast has all the necessary amenities a renter could ask for

If you are going to rent in Belfast, no doubt you would want to know if the city offers all the facilities you are accustomed to. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that renting a house in Belfast gives you instant access to large shopping outlets, plenty of restaurants, bars and cafés. The city has numerous walkways and cycle paths for you to enjoy. 

If you chose to rent an apartment in the city center, the Belfast Bikes public bicycle rental scheme is not only a great way to get around the city while burning unwanted calories but also gives you the chance to ditch your car (and all associated costs).

For families renting in the city, there are over forty public parks to frolic in, plenty of schools and no shortage of things to do and see. Whether it’s bowling or ice skating at Dundonald, enjoying a round of golf at the Belvoir Park Golf Club only two miles from the city centre, or having a splash at Bangor Aurora Aquatic and Leisure Complex anyone renting in Belfast will always have plenty of recreational options.

Renting a house in Belfast opens you to some great street and indoor markets where you can buy fresh produce and prepared foods: St George’s Market, At The Mill, Queens Campus food market and Dock Market. 

If festivals are your thing you’re in luck. There’s Belsonic, an outdoor music festival which takes place in August at the Custom House Square in Belfast. Or, Belfast International Arts Festival, believed to be the city’s longest running international arts event. Find your dream rental property in Belfast right here to enjoy year-long entertainment.

When renting in Belfast, you’re only a half an hour from the coast and an hour tops from the famous Giant’s Causeway. The countryside, sea or mountains are all just minutes away!

Rent in a city full of art and history

If art is your thing, you will never regret moving to and renting in Belfast. This dynamic city offers the creative renter plenty of art and history museums to while away several happy hours. The city itself boasts a beautiful mix of Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian and modern architecture, almost feeling like a large outdoor museum in its own right.

While renting property in Belfast you will be able to enjoy and take advantage of lots of artistic events such as the annual Open House Belfast festival, which opens the city’s architectural doors to the general public. The Titanic quarter, while embracing the city’s historic maritime landmarks, offers affordable apartments to rent in Belfast as well as many creative outlets to check out.

Live in Belfast if you’re a foodie

Residents of Belfast are spoiled with a variety of gastronomical venues to sample. You can be assured that whatever neighborhood you choose to rent a home in there will be excellent restaurants and cafes to delight your taste buds. 

Hopefully you’ve decided to rent long-term in Belfast which means you can take your time discovering the many popular eateries that are guaranteed to get your juices flowing. To name just a few: The Muddlers Club Restaurant, OX, Hadskis, Made in Belfast and Epic. Likewise, some noteworthy pubs include Duke of York, Kelly's Cellars, Crown Liquors Saloon, Margot, Rita’s and Babel Rooftop Bar and Garden.

Work opportunities for anyone moving to Belfast

Ever expanding and evolving, finding a job or a house to rent in Belfast city should not be difficult. The main industries in Belfast are construction, financial services and software development. You’re in luck, if you have a background in any of those areas. Salaries in Belfast are not as high as in London and other major cities in the world but then again neither are the rental prices.

The tech industry in the city is booming so finding skilled positions in this sector is very likely. Once you’ve found the perfect home to rent you can turn your attention to some of the online job sources - Monster, Total Jobs, Gumtree, Reed and Indeed - to help you find suitable employment. 

The transport structure within the city and beyond are excellent. The bus and train services are reliable and there are several ports and two airports available.

Belfast enjoys a warm, temperate climate, great amenities, easy access to the sea and countryside which affords anyone thinking of renting property in Belfast a very comfortable lifestyle. Here at Rentola.ie we aim to help you find your perfect rental home.