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Living in a house for rent in Leicester

Leicester got its popularity after releasing from the shadow of the most popular cities of the UK because of its football club. However, it has surfaced as a household name across the world in recent years.

Nonetheless, Leicester is not just about football, and it is more than that. It has an exciting and young aura, with a multicultural way of life, history and inclusivity with various activities. Therefore, it is the right place for you to look for houses to rent

Best parts for a house to rent in Leicester:


Oadby is quite an affluent town with a family-focused environment that has a safe feel too. Only ten minutes to the south far out from the city centre. It has commending transport set-up and has everything one could ask for.


Having easy access to the broader city, this part on the outskirts of the city has all the comfort you may need when you get a flat to rent in Leicester.

Clarendon Park

The principal hub appears at Clarendon Park Road and Queens Road with entwined roads. The nearby district foundations are endorsed and backed with a unique sense of body throughout the area.

Narborough Road

It is an old route from Leicester to the closest city of Coventry, Narborough has the most diverse roads in the UK, and it has been able to flourish, thus becoming a centre of activity in the locality. In contrast, this place offers its residents a central location, with a rich culture and a good deal.

South Knighton

Having a charm of its own, South Knighton is a familial Town. Where St. Mary Magdalen Church is a delightful prompt of the old village’s history.  It also has easy connections with M1 and M69 on your doorsteps.


Possessing many public green spaces, this one is a semi rural suburb. Surprisingly, it has several properties to rent, and they are cheap as per the location and attractive locale.

Little Stretton

This cute village is a popular area for nature lovers, with a peaceful lifestyle. A rural location that satisfies requirements needed as per your desires, Little Stretton is the finest to choose.

Knighton Fields

Knighton Fields offers excellent connections to numerous popular suburbs that lie to the South of the city centre and is a nice location for young families. Also, the area is a residence to a scale of facilities.

North Evington

This area provides reasonably valued houses to rent and the location is famous for being a conventional student sector, which makes renting pervasive in North Evington. It has a 24/7 Spar supermarket adding to the living benefit here.


Wigston is a classic location for families, feasibly a good choice for those living in Leicester. Locals can easily use nearby leisure centres, community library, range of takeaways, pubs, supermarkets, and independent shops.


One of Leicester’s veiled jewels; small in size but rich in providing all needed amenities to its locals, Syston can be an ultimate destination for you to get an apartment for rent. Rail links leading to Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham and Lincoln exemplify commuters.

Newton Linford

Standing out as a rural location best for equipping the locals with all they need. Newton Linford has lovely outdoor areas and a range of cuisines available with an amiable atmosphere. This village has an expected popularity for its tranquil atmosphere.


Owning two civil Perishes, the village of Kibworth Beauchamp and Kibworth Harcourt, Kibworth is a fantastic place for young families looking to live further outside the city. It has an elevated connection with the rest of Leicester with the A6 interchange.

Transport Links in Leicester

Leicester is well connected with the most popular cities of the UK. Train services to Sheffield (60 mins), Birmingham (50 mins), and Nottingham (30 mins) run consistently out of the city.

M1 connects Leicester to London to the South if you prefer to be on the wheels. To the North are Sheffield and Leeds. M1 is also linked well with M40 to the West Midlands and the M6 to the country's North West. So getting a property to rent in Leicester as a commuter will be an easy deed.

What to do for flats to rent in Leicester?

Getting a flat to rent in Leicester can be easy and time-consuming. However, you are safe with the right documentation and knowledge about rental policies.

Remember to do in-depth research on the renting options you may have. Start two months before planning to move.

Some points to assist you for rent an apartment or flat:

·       Do the exploration on your own; personal research should be preferred instead of relying on information provided by third parties

·       Use rental websites like rentola.co.uk, social media platform, estate brokers or agents to help you in your analysis

·       Explore the area you'll move to/neighbourhood assessment

·       Take help from housing service offers if available for you

·       Know your budget you can spare for a house to rent

·       Resolve before if you want a quick lease or a long term lease if need be

·       Be careful not to fall for any kind of scams

· Know rental agreements

·       Interrogate what bills or costs you may incur extra

·       Check for the legal requirements needs by the government too

·       Save costs; find a good roommate through sites or references

·       You should know your responsibilities as a tenant and the landlord's too

·        Be ready for any trouble your landlord may cause due to any reason; settle disputes most peacefully.

·       For unexpected costs that can come uninvited, have some cash reserve

Rentola.co.uk to help you find houses to rent in Leicester

We at rentola.co.uk care about your preferences with your housing and do all the necessary research for you. We have hundreds of property listings to choose from, all you have to do is start using our website today.

Leicester Climate

In Leicester, the climate is oceanic; summers are short, comfortable and the skies remain partly cloudy while winters are long, very cold, windy and mostly cloudy. Rains also frequent the city.

The best time in Leicester is the summer, more generally from mid-May to mid-September, when the temperature is good for outdoor activities. Moreover an umbrella, sweatshirt or sweater should be held handy for cooler days.